When Art Meets Fashion
Exhibitions for the Untamed Imagination
“When Art Meets Fashion” examines the historical and contemporary relationship between art and culture, fashion and style through the lenses of eight local and international emerging and established photographers.
From an eclectic mix of ethnic backgrounds and photographic disciplines they tell their story of art and culture’s influence on fashion and style. Influences that come from Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America and the Middle East are explored.
Through their photographic compositions these artists give us their take on the influences that have and continue to inspire iconic fashion designers, as well as shape what society regards as fashionable and in style.
“When Art Meets Fashion” is designed to be a travelling exhibit, will have themes that evolve, and will incorporate the work of local, national and international photographers.
Location: Cumberland Terrace - Main Concourse, Ground Level, off Cumberland Street’s South Side Direct Entrance through Glass Doors – Opposite The Pilot