Isabel Bader Theatre – Victoria University

93 Charles St W, Toronto, ON, M5S 2C7

Strings Attached Orchestra

June 3, 2018

Solo for Duet: works for augmented piano and images

Working with a tour-de-force of Canadian musicians, Solo for Duet draws inspiration from the films of David Lynch, Shakespearean sonnets, technical glitches and more.

 JUNE 19 – 20, 2018


An artist whose medium is the piano, over the past 20 years Eve Egoyan has continually re-invented her relationship with her instrument; a journey that has won her acclaim wherever she has performed. A deeply integrated virtuosic mix of sound, image, and unspoken narrative, Solo for Duet challenges traditional conceptions of piano and pianist in an innovative, multi-sensory journey that leads the audience through layered emotional musical worlds, at times introspective, startling, playful, poetic, and urgent.

A salutary reminder of how modern piano music can be so deeply affecting


Egoyan explores the potential of the disklavier, an acoustic piano with a computer interface, collaborating with notable composers and artists to layer composition, sampled sounds, film and interactive images to transform the piano into a visual instrument.