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Where to Go For a Wellness One80

Where to Go For a Wellness One80

Embracing more than one approach to health and wellness is – for good reason – becoming the new normal. Whether by introducing meditation classes into your routine or meeting with a naturopath, there are a number of complementary forms of healthcare making the case for a multidisciplinary approach. Tucked away on Hazelton Avenue in Bloor-Yorkville is an Integrative Medical Clinic that aims to do just that: ONE80 Health embraces this approach to wellness, anchoring itself to their four pillars of health: sleep, nutrition, movement, and mindset. Their philosophy is rooted in the belief that making “small, achievable” steps in each of these areas is critical to achieving your optimal level of health.

With these four pillars in mind, ONE80 has a team of practitioners committed to working together in order to achieve the best results for a client. Whether that means referring to a colleague’s services in lieu of their own or encouraging another route of care altogether, it’s an integrative approach focussed on what’s truly the best option. The on-site practitioners are trained in the following forms of Functional, Physical, and Lifestyle Medicine:

Athletic Therapy
Naturopathic Medicine
Shockwave Therapy
Frequency Specific Microcurrent
IV Therapy
Laser Therapy
Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy

The ONE80 Experience:

When I first met with Dr. Nick Tsaggarelis, the Clinic Director and Chiropractor, I was aware of two things: one being the headache I’d had most of the day (related to my neck pain, I assumed) and the other being the quick realization that ONE80 does not take lightly the understanding of both the history and current day health of their clients.

While many trips to a clinic feel rushed and chaotic, the assessment at ONE80 is akin to a 60 Minutes segment with Anderson Cooper. This, of course, is a good thing when it comes to sorting out your health! Taking on an investigative journalist approach, Dr. Nick considered everything from childhood injuries to my typical breakfast choices, typical sleep patterns and much more; each of which proved key players in the case of my impending neck pain. What quickly becomes apparent in an integrative medical approach is that the things we feel are redundant (such as whether or not I sleep near an electrical outlet) can be some of the most important pieces to the healthcare puzzle with no fact rendered meaningless! Dr. Nick’s approach was as fascinating as it was thorough, putting into practice the integrative philosophy of the practice.

ONE80 is a fantastic addition to the growing community of wellness-based businesses in the Bloor-Yorkville area and incredibly convenient to have a team of skilled clinicians all under one roof. The unique qualities of our neighbourhood are particularly appreciated by their team, with Dr. Nick noting:

“Away from all the hustle and bustle, sometimes I catch myself forgetting I’m in such a big city. No one is rushing for a train or too busy to say hello and I just feel the calmness of Bloor-Yorkville really reflects ONE80 Health. Like Bloor-Yorkville, my practice is a place where people can come to get well and help heal not just their body but their mind as well.”

Dr. Nick Tsaggarelis

IV Therapy

The treatment was not at all what I anticipated a chiropractic appointment to be; the adjustments themselves were tiny (millimeters according to Dr. Nick) and incorporated other forms of muscle release such as massage. By the time I left the clinic, my headache was gone and I had a much greater understanding behind some of the sources of my varying ailments.

The Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood is quickly becomming a one-stop destination for all things health and wellness related, with ONE80 Health being a refreshing take on a medical environment. Who else wants to try IV Therapy?

Visit ONE80 Health at 35A Hazelton Ave and learn more about each of their services here.